May 5th, 2020 _ Digital advertising expert Adthink (ALADM) chose to deploy Sirdata CMP to support its advertisers and publishers towards GDPR and Eprivacy compliance.

Adthink is a major player in the advertising industry. Launched in 2001, the company supports advertisers in their cross-channel acquisition strategies (Trading Desk, Display Ad Network, SEA, Social Media, etc. ).

Expert in Audience Monetization, Adthink offers publishers solutions to increase their revenue thanks to its proprietary Adserver AdAccess.

The company opted for Sirdata CMP certified TCF V2.0 operating under the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework.

Sirdata innovative company founded in 2012 is specialized in Data and Privacy. Since 2018, Sirdata has been developing a specific know-how in the creation, management and distribution of Consent Management Platforms (CMP), used by websites and networks (Adnetworks, Advertisers, first party data providers for retargeting…).

The Priority is Compliancy :

  • While allowing maximum flexibility and personalization features, Sirdata CMP is pre-configured to respect “Freely given, Specific, Informed and Unambiguous” consent characteristics. It is one of the leading CMP’s operating in the French and UK markets with more than 7 800 websites equipped, by the end of March 2020.
  • Sirdata CMP (N°92) successfully passed the TCF V2 compliance checks (Transparency and Consent Framework) and is already offering options and services such as :
  • Eprivacy, GDPR, and CCPA support,
  • Analytics
  • Automatic language display based on browser or website language (12 Languages available),
  • Google AMP,
  • In-App (IOS and Android Mobile SDK),
  • An embedded contextual API for cookieless campaigns.

Sirdata’s goals to give more control to the end user and preserve data value for publishers are reinforced. The company shares its data provider experience to all its partners and support publishers for a better anticipation, when the need is to amortize the advertising revenues loss they could suffer due to the application of consent rules.

Adthink chose Sirdata CMP, among other things, because it represents the unique CMP provider to integrate semantic tools and so far a context analysis capacity that enables publishers to monetize their inventory in a “cookieless” environment and when personalized advertising is being rejected by the end user.

Jonathan Métillon, Deputy General Manager, Adthink : “We are happy to have chosen the first french CMP certified and that has successfully passed the CMP validator controls V2.0 certified by IAB Europe, global compliance standard built by the industry for the industry (Eprivacy, GDPR…). Not all CMP’s are ! One of the elements in our choice was Sirdata’s role : data processor and controller and its technological know-how. It allows our publishers to enhance their inventories, to switch from user centric targeting with consent to context and cookieless targeting. Our publisher’s inventory is valued.

About Adthink :

Adthink supports advertisers in online lead and customer acquisition through a full range of performance-based advertising solutions. Expert in audience monetization, Adthink offers solutions to digital publishers to increase their revenues. Founded in 2001 when proposing the first video streaming advertising offer, Adthink is now present in Lyon (head office), Paris, Geneva and Porto. Adthink is listed since 2007 on the Euronext market at the Paris stock exchange (ALADM) and is part of the Top 100 Digital (PwC study – TECH IN France, July 2018).