A unique way to leverage up visits and turnover by combining retargeting and audience extension on a 100% performance model.

Dedicated to retail and e-commerce players, this solution multiplies campaigns impacts by adding qualified audience pools. Advertisers only pay for results.

June, 8th 2020, The digital agency Arkheus launches its ReachTargeting offer in partnership with Sirdata, specialized in data and privacy solutions. This innovative Audience Acquisition offer combines the advantages of retargeting with the reach given through audience extension : the brand targets back recent visitors of its website who have shown an interest in its products while attracting new consumers who are most likely to convert with its products and/or services.

By increasing digital campaign impact without any risks for the advertiser, who only pays on result, ReachTargeting is specially designed to support retailers for their relaunch and their economic recovery.

Tailor-Made support

ReachTargeting intelligence is possible through its ability to combine retargeting to a tailor-made audience extension. When using retargeting, the brand re-engages its most interested visitor. In audience extension, it seeks new visitors who have a high propensity to be interested or have a buying intent in its categories and/ or products.

It is through the analysis of the meaning of the most visited pages of the brand’s website that Sirdata defines qualified audience segments to use for ReachTargeting. “Each segment is designed on a case to case basis according to the semantic and the brand’s website meaning ”, explains Philippe Baron, Media Director at Sirdata.

This semantic analysis representative of the brand’s activity is then associated with segments closed to purchase intention, audiences having visited affinity related web content. Additional segments available on “Audiences by Sirdata” platform, can also be activated at any time.

Thanks to this information, the campaign is displayed to opt-in audiences with similar surf to brand’s customers on 100% Brand Safe and Premium websites” says Emmanuelle Lazko, Arkheus CEO. By improving relevant targeting to new visitors, ReachTargeting increases qualified traffic towards the website.

And that’s not all: performance analysis is maintained throughout campaign activation, the media planning and inventory selection within each website is continuously optimized in order to reach the KPIs set by the brand and its advising agency.

Visibility, awareness, visits and conversions on a win-win basis.

Arkheus has allowed us to increase our visibility on specialized websites and acquire new customers. The optimization made since the beginning of our collaboration allows our campaign to be always efficient and the results are there both in terms of new customers and generated turnover” says Victor Lavenas, CRM Manager at Mathon, e-commerce company specialized in Kitchen utensils, tools and gadgets.

Billed only on a performance basis – per sale for retargeting and per visit for targeting through audience extension – the advertiser is guaranteed to get a better return on its investment by using qualitative environments that respects the privacy settlements made by web users. The transparency is complete: all the campaign statistics as well as the details of the broadcasting framework are available in a dedicated space.

ReachTargeting in a nutshell :

  • New concept combining retargeting and audience extension
  • The advertiser re-engages its most interested visitors while reaching new audiences likely to convert
  • The target audience pool increases significantly,
  • Qualified visits develop
  • Advertiser only pays for result
  • Solution is dedicated to e-commerce and retail players
  • Brand Safety and respect of consumer choices

If you wish more information or contact Arkheus please feel free to visit Arkheus.