Paris, February 24th 2020, Sirdata has been informed of the recent appointment of its CEO Benoît Oberlé, also an IAB France Board member, as Vice-Chair of the TCF Steering Group (SG), the ePrivacy and GDPR compliance standardized solution built by the industry for the industry, and managed by IAB Europe.

Benoît Oberlé : “The Transparency and Consent Framework represents the first and only global self-regulatory initiative that brings security to each Internet user and to all those involved in  digital advertising. In addition to being a tool that helps towards achieving compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy directive, this initiative allows a constructive interaction between regulators and industry, and gives back control over personal data to consumers and publishers”.

In terms of governance, IAB Europe’s TCF Steering Group (SG) was created as an advisory group, holding IAB Europe as the managing organisation (MO) of the TCF, to account for the delivery of policies that will adhere to GDPR requirements.  The TCF Steering Group currently includes the following Working groups (WG):

  • Framework Policy Working Group – mandated to write and revise the TCF Policy
  • Data Processing Purposes Working Group – mandated to write and revise the TCF Data Processing Purposes included in the TCF Policy
  • DPA outreach Working Group – mandated to raise awareness and understanding of the TCF to data Protection Authorities across Europe and in the UK.
  • Framework Signals Working Group – mandated to help registered CMPs and Vendor comply with the TCF Policy and the TCF Technical Specifications.
  • Communications Working Group – mandated to leverage the TCF to external audiences to ensure understanding and market adoption.

IAB Europe, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab, announced on 21 August 2019 the launch of the second iteration of Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0., which will be live on Q2.

The TCF Steering Group (SG) was tasked with drafting the new TCF Policy and IAB Tech Lab managed the technical specifications. With participation from 10 National IABs and 55 organisations, and EU-level associations, publishers, media owners, technology providers, and media agencies, the TCF Steering Group enabled an inclusive, fair and consensus-based participation of stakeholders to deliver the vision.

Sirdata, registered in this Framework as CMP (ID 92) and Vendor (ID 53) welcomes this appointment and will  actively continue to promote the TCF and its development to third parties, its customers and its partners.