On September 24, 2021, Thibault Montanier, Head of Data & #Adressability at Sirdata, gave its opinion about a topic at the head of mind for brands, agencies, advertising agencies and publishers :

“End of third-party cookies and fragmentation of advertising targeting: how to navigate through it ?”

During this webinar, the main topic covered is Addressability.

What is Addressability ?

Addressability is the ability to catch and to target a user.

Sirdata's Addressability Dynamic Solution (ADS) includes :

  • User cookie-based targeting and audiences
  • User cookieless processing, targeting and audiences (in the event of non-consent)
  • Contextual and semantic targeting (in the event of no personal data processing)
When we consider how much the publishers depend on the online advertising, the CMP is made firstly and above all  a monetization tool.

Watch the replay (in French)