On Thursday, December 10, 2020, Arnaud SIRJACQ and Thibault Montanier from Sirdata participated in the Webinar organized by IAB France on the post-cookie world.

The aim of this webinar is to answer the various questions that players in the digital world are asking about the end of third-party cookies. Since this change necessarily requires an overhaul of the way the digital ecosystem works, and particularly the digital advertising sector.

How can advertising be targeted without the use of third-party cookies?

This is the question that the participants of the webinar sought to answer.
Since third party cookies will no longer be part of the digital environment in 2022, we need to analyze the possible alternatives available to the digital advertising industry.

With this in mind, three approaches were discussed :

Individual targeting : An identifier is available with authenticated traffic (Login/SSO) or identity providers.

Cohort targeting : No need to collect an individual identifier in favor of an approach by cohort of several thousand people, which is what Google is implementing with the Privacy Sandbox.

Contextual targeting : No collection of an individual identifier (no consent) but targeting on the basis of navigation.

These different alternatives to the future of digital advertising that were mentioned during the webinar finally appear to be the starting point for new opportunities for the entire digital environment.

The challenge is to regain the user's confidence in their digital experience.

Find the complete replay of the webinar here (FR) :

Also find the Guide on the future of third-party cookie-free targeting (FR) published by Iab France.