Paris, April 20, 2021 - Sirdata, the Addressability leader unveils its cookieless behavioral targeting offering.

This new offering allows advertisers and agencies to target third-party data and their first-party data in cookie-free environments via their traditional tools, and allows publishers to properly monetize their inventory in case of non-consent.

This cutting-edge, first-of-its-kind service complements the existing cookie-based and semantic offerings within the company's ADS (Addressability Dynamic Solution”) offering. The latter now enables privacy-friendly, on-the-fly optimized ad targeting by activating based on user choice:

● a proven audience, based on identifiers and cookies when the user gives consent

● a proven audience, based on cohorts and without cookies when the user does not give consent

● a probabilized audience, based on the context without cookies or personal data processing when the user refuses them

page categorization, regardless the user's choice

In Europe, this service is only available for publisher and advertiser websites running a TCF V2 certified CMP and that pass the compliance audit performed by Sirdata: by decoding the consent signal, the company can determine on the fly which user, cohort or context (re)targeting is possible, and push data into advertising and programmatic tools using keys/values pairs without sharing identifiers.

Segment and cohort IDs are encrypted for each Sirdata partner and sentwithout identifiers to prevent their use by third parties. Doing so, Sirdata makes targeted campaigns possible via direct campaigns and deal IDs without sharing personal data in the programmatic chain.

This offer is technically compatible with all the leading Adservers and SSP on the market, including their Limited, Simple or Cookieless variants that do not use cookies in case of non-consent of the user.

It also takes in charge  data deliverability and regulatory aspects to allow advertisers and agencies to work with their preferred Ad-Networks partners without tracking.

Finally, the company is proud to propose this offer also via a Prebid Real Time Data module and to have integrated the Prebid Community. This module allows any publisher to leverage audiences with or without cookies, and Sirdata's contextual technology without any other integration. It foreshadows what will be the company's "data clean room" technology in the Privacy Sandbox universe and the preponderance of cohorts.

"We are very proud to demonstrate once again that the French Adtech industry knows how to anticipate regulatory changes and technological upheavals to solve the equation that no major international platform has yet succeeded to resolve. And we are particularly happy that our know-how will allow publishers to rebuild their margins in this economically challenging period", says Benoît OBERLE, CEO of Sirdata.

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