The digital ecosystem is making great strides towards cookieless solutions

In May 2020, the IAB Europe working group published the first edition of its guide to the future of third party cookie-free targeting.
This guide highlighted the possible solutions available to the players in the digital ecosystem in the face of this market evolution.

In February 2021, the guide was updated to respond to new elements on this upcoming change, as it provides all the necessary information known to date to help in this new era of third party post-cookies.

What solutions currently exist to replace the use of third party cookies?
What alternative solutions might be suitable for my business?
How will the absence of third party cookies affect the execution of digital advertising campaigns?

Many experts were involved in the development of this guide, which is constantly being updated as different developments take place.
In this working group, you will notably find our data manager & integration specialist, Thibault Montanier, who participated in the elaboration of this guide.

Find the complete updated guide here :

IAB Europe Guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie Era – Updated in February 2021
This Guide has been developed by experts from IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee (PTC) to prepare brands, agencies, publishers and tech intermediaries for the much-anticipated post third-party cookie advertising ecosystem. The first edition was released in May 2020. This updated edition of …