A data and technology approach available to brands. Collect and use navigational data, process it using Semantic Intelligence, score interest to purchase intention, and target the profiles closest to advertisers’ customers.

Bordeaux – May 26, 2020. According to French Cetelem Observatory on French consumption, “57% of French consider that their lifestyle will change a lot after lockdown“. The pandemic context has considerably changed consumption habits, an increase in trends for organic products, drive, deliveries showcase this.

The IDAIA Group associated with Sirdata provides us with some consumer portraits in the sectors that saw an audience rise during lockdown.

Sirdata, it is more than 2,500 categories studied to build more than 700 affinity and intent audiences segments. Segment analysis was performed pre-lockdown and during lockdown. The increase on certain segments is a good way to identify french interest and consumption trends.

Among the 3-digit growth, we find :

  • Segments related to home equipment (coffee machines, robots for the kitchen, office furniture …) and garden (swimming pool, outdoor furniture …)
  • High-Tech segments (smartphone, VR headsets, camera …)
  • and also Bank Insurance (travel insurance, risk insurance, banks …).

Let’s focus on French profiles corresponding to buying intents of this fast growing Home & Garden segment. Through the prism of the exclusive Neoprisme® typology developed by IDAIA Group, we can see that 46% live in peri-urban areas.

Among these 46%, a third are outlying districts small families, who rather live in individual houses, and mainly CSP + high income.

If we now look at Parisians main interest themes, we find almost 50% “Arts & Leisure”, “High-Tech”, “Home & Garden”, “Clothing”. And the purchase intention is mainly found in the Home & Garden (22%) and High-Tech (19%) segment.

What if brands, enriched by this knowledge, could adapt their message and target accordingly these audiences ?

Mastering data has become a major issue, not only in terms of volume but also and above all in the ability to make it intelligent, the added value of the whole comes through the combination of data and technology. It is through this approach that the IDAIA Group collaborates with Sirdata to offer brands refined targeting, a winning mix of smart and efficient targeting : targeting as close as possible to the advertiser’s product universe, as close as possible to ‘purchase intents, as close as possible to advertiser’s customer profile or brand’s Personae.

A data-driven approach augmented by predictive

Sirdata has developed an analysis, a statistical and semantic processing technology which identifies weak signals, in real time according to browsing behaviors and content (s) consulted. Thanks to the intelligence of its systems, Sirdata establishes scores to identify affinity degree with a category or a proximity degree to a purchase act.

The IDAIA Group, expert in Data-driven Marketing brings its know-how by combining the scores of Sirdata with its multi-channel database of 47 million consumer profiles. The IDAIA Group goes even further in its targeting approach by offering advertisers to study their customer bases through its exclusive Neoprisme® geomarketing typology, and associate it with a “look-alike” targeting close to Sirdata segments.

For advertisers, this value proposition brings in-depth knowledge of their customers for predictive, intelligent and efficient targeting of future customers. As a global partner, the IDAIA Group also supports advertisers through advice and the implementation of performant marketing systems, either for tailor made operations or focused on customer journeys.


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