Sirdata : the company that helps you to set up a CMP on your website for free

At the beginning of 2021, Sirdata continues to be proud to see these different partnerships increase thanks to our expertise on GDPR and our complete support in the implementation of your CMP.

One of our partners, NeozOne, a reference site on the latest news on new technologies, inventions and innovations, conducted an interview with one of our experts, Gary Cohen, in charge of the network of publishers and CMP (Consent Management Platfom).

It's point by point, that the subjects concerning the CMP, the GDPR (General Regulation on Data Protection), and the user consent, were addressed through the different questions asked.

Find the full interview on the NeozOne website (FR) :

Sirdata : l’entreprise qui vous aide gratuitement à mettre en place une CMP sur votre site Internet
Lorsque l’on possède un site Internet de contenu, il y a des règles, mais elles ne sont pas toujours faciles à respecter. Et notamment le fameux RGPD (Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données),