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In the current economic and societal upheavals, the IREP Forum organized, with IAB France and CESP, a market overview on July 9th. Digital and its ecosystem, already impacted by the crisis according to SRI French Digital Observatory, is constantly and globally adapting to technical, legal and Economic updates. One of the roundtables of this IREP forum addressed the perspective of a digital β€œworld” without cookies.

As we already mentioned in a webinar on April 30th β€œAre you ready for a post-cookie World”, the speakers addressed in this panel evolutions around user centric targeting and site centric targeting – based on the context, on page content.

The panel details the ongoing work of the IAB task force including a mapping of the players offering alternatives to third-party cookies. One of the speakers recommends that publishers test, co-construct and advance with these alternative technologies. On contextual technologies, cookie-less, privacy-safe, using statistical and semantic processing technology, Prisma Media quotes Sirdata.

You can access content in French here.

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