Abstract : As it stands, the DPA concludes that TCF taken alone is not compliant. But TCF was never intended to be compliant on its own: it is only a tool, not a guarantee of compliance. The question that arises is the following: is the TCF implemented via your CMP compliant? Here is the benchmark from our analysis:


  • I don't sell ad inventory, or either directly or indirectly via open RTB, am I affected by the DPA ruling? No.
  • I use the standard version of the Sirdata CMP, possibly customized for me. Am I affected by the DPA's decision? No.
  • I work in Sirdata's consentframework.com choice cooperative, or I have not activated the full list of IAB Vendors, am I affected by the DPA decision? No.
  • I have selected all the IAB Vendors, and therefore I work outside the Sirdata choice cooperative, am I affected by the DPA's decision? Yes.
  • In any case, do I have to re-configure Sirdata CMP, or change my provider to work outside the TCF? No.
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