Paris, November 27, 2019 – Kantar, world leader in data, studies and consulting, and Sirdata combine their expertise and make “Personae” activation possible and easy, in the main digital programmatic platforms, without onboarding prior phase. This innovation, initiated by Kantar media experts and Sirdata’s, is a first in France and provides an effective solution to the programmatic ecosystem.

Kantar TGI expertise enables brands, agencies, ad networks, and media to define their target called « Personae » through “panel based audience” data issued from key TGI global study that gives a vision of populations purchasing behaviors, of their media consumption and their relationships to brands.

Sirdata specialized in semantic and statistic processing of behavioral data and in intent audience creation, models, qualifies and scores its users, based on their browsing (“Act Alike”) on its partner network, to aggregate Kantar TGI audiences in statistical twins. These audiences are thereafter sent and activated in brands main platforms (DSP, SSP, DMP, CDP, CRM).

  • Self-service : 200 segments (Habits & Lifestyles, Demographics, Home and Garden, Travel, Hygiene & Beauty, FMCG, Wellbeing, Childcare, Arts & Entertainment, Cars & Vehicles, High Tech, Pets & Animals, Bank and Insurance, Life Events, Family and Parenting) that can be activated within key programmatic platforms.
  • On demand / Ad Hoc : digital activation of a custom Kantar TGI. Thanks to agile and fast execution, these private audiences are made available specifically to agencies, independent trading desks, ad networks and publishers, who request it.

Thomas Zaruba, CDO Kantar France, Media Division: « I am very pleased to announce this partnership, before 2019 ends, an innovation that meets many programmatic market players expectations. Brands have historically used TGI to design their products and combining our TGI solution with Sirdata’s know-how seems logical and makes sense since we are sending a message to the audiences for which the product was created. Our goal is to enrich our respective expertise and strengthen our connections in the programmatic sphere with the best digital targeting solutions “on shelf” and custom made for the market. »

Benoît Oberlé, President Sirdata: « After a year of R&D, a POC, we know today that modeling data from panels on a well treated behavioural data is reliable and useful to our customers, both Buy-Side and Sell-Side. Sirdata’s unique know-how in processing consented browsing data, coupled with the indisputable quality of Kantar TGI data, makes it a major innovation in terms of digital targeting. We have the opportunity to confirm it on one of the most dynamic and responsive markets in the world, before deploying it internationally. »

The “Sirdata | Kantar TGI [Modeling]” segments are now available on Sirdata’s partner platform: Google DV360, Xandr, Verizon Media, Adobe, The Trade Desk, Freewheel, SmartAdserver…

About Kantar:

A global leader in information, studies and consulting, we understand better than any other the way citizens and consumers think, feel, look, buy, share, socialize and vote.

By combining our human expertise with the most advanced technologies, Kantar’s 30.000 experts actively contribute to the success and development of the world’s leading brands and organizations.

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Comme nous l’annoncions début septembre, les segments TGI de Kantar vont pouvoir faire l’objet d’activation. En France, Kantar s’est allié à Sirdata pour rendre possible l’activation des Personae au sein des principales plateformes digitales en programmatique, sans phase préalable d’onboarding.