PARIS, April 14, 2020 – Keen to innovate in all circumstances, Media Square and Sirdata are combining their talents to enable their customers to activate the targeting of the future.

Sirdata’s Contextual Intelligence Technology enables the creation of Deal Ids associating Media Square’s premium inventory with advanced Privacy Safe semantic targeting based on IAB Taxonomy or tailor-made categories.

Media Square, first French media publisher alliance, has offered contextual programmatic targeting since its creation..

Sirdata is an innovative french company specialized in Targeting and Privacy. The company develops consultancy and technological solutions around these two activities.

  • Media Square already allows brands to target its Video, Display and Native inventories using user-centric consent segments based on Sirdata’s know-how in building audiences.
  • Sirdata’s semantic and statistical processing technology (Natural Language Processing) now enables Media Square a Context Centric – Brand and Privacy Safe – targeting across all its content.

  • Sirdata’s Semantic corpus identifies more than 2 millions vectors (keyword combination, ordered keyword, expressions, queries) that allow real-time page processing to extract from it brand safety and categories informations.
  • Sirdata’s statistical graph makes it possible to link through advanced econometric models socio-demographic attributes to these vectors and therefore to contexts. Media Square and Sirdata will thus be able to offer socio-demographic targeting without cookies.

Brand and / or their agencies will be able to communicate in affinity, consent-aware and cookieless environments. Taxonomy used is that of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), supplemented by tailor-made categories.

Ultimately Sirdata announces that it will model and transpose all of its user-centric taxonomy to the scope of the page to allow targeting without consent or cookie.

Erwan Le Page – “Since its creation, Media Square has placed contextual targeting at the heart of its offer. Our collaboration with Sirdata allows us to further refine the categories proposed, and to innovate by offering advertisers socio-demographic targeting without cookies. More than ever, contexts meets expectations for Quality and Privacy.

Benoît Oberlé – “It is economically key to support publishers in promoting their content. We are adding cookie-free contextual and socio-demographic targeting to the Sell-Side programmatic offering. This allows brands to be able to communicate their messages in affinity, and to support the media, which thus protect their assets in the long term. The agreement with Media Square goes in this direction.

About Media Square :

Media Square is the largest media marketplace in France. This alliance brings together the main TV, Radio and french press Groups. It thus brings together more than 490 sites to reach 85% of the French Population. Media Square allows brands and their agencies to advertise in effective, brand safe contexts and knowing where their messages are being broadcast.

Thanks to a powerful and exhaustive offer, Media Square offers high performance contextual targeting on a large scale.

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