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Today, meet one of them: Hitopic.

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Who are you?

Hitopic is a marketing and advertising platform working with publishers. As an SEO expert and media buyer, we advise them in their digital traffic acquisition strategies.

Expert in programmatic advertising and a Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management)Partner, we value our clients' advertising inventories through advanced adserving and header bidding solutions.

Why did you choose our CMP?

Sirdata fully understands the website's business challenges and helps them to overcome the major and substantial changes of the advertising industry, even more these last months.

It is a French company with a young and dynamic team, which does not hesitate to help its partners on advanced technical subjects. A local approach in a global industry that Hitopic appreciates.

One of the major criteria in addition to the overall quality of the CMP is its speed of loading and display. Sirdata's CMP perfectly meets these web performance criteria, which are crucial issues today both in terms of advertising and SEO, which made us even more confident in our choice.

Was it easy to set up your new CMP?

The first CMP was already easy to set, but with the need to implement TCF v.2.0, Sirdata provided us a CMP that was even easier to use and fully configurable through a dedicated dashboard.

Whether it is in terms of design, technology or vendor lists to be updated, everything is achievable with just a few clicks on their interface, it's a “No Brainer”.

How can you describe the support during set-up?

The support is quite amazing, whether it is the availability of the account managers or the developers, I often received an answer within 2 hours after an email or a call to my AM.

For the moment, I must say I am not disappointed - I have not been able to put them in trouble, but this is great for our publishers of course! Joke aside, the TCF v 2.0 implementation launched in August, has not been easy for many publishers and even today, the support and advice provided by Sirdata remains valuable and helps us to understand the purposes and the features encountered and the solutions to be implemented.

What is your main issue?

The major inconvenience is that we, as a publisher or a partner, must work with external solutions that can often be a source of trouble if these solutions are deficient. This is unfortunately the price we must pay today to avoid having to develop our own CMP, which would be a standalone project given the complexity of these frameworks, which are likely to become even more complex in the future.

However, it is clear that this is becoming a separate and really specific business, and we are delighted to have chosen Sirdata to support us and our publishers on these various tracer-related matters.

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