What is Prebid ? A one-stop-shop used by more and more publishers and players in adtech and martech !

Prebid is an initiative set up by Rubicon now Magnite, and Appnexus now Xandr, with the aim of bringing transparency, flexibility and collective innovation to the programmatic buying ecosystem (RTB).

Open source, this solution is indeed completely transparent.

It's true to say that Prebid is a revolution in the selling advertising inventory. It gives the adtech and martech players a new standard, with the advantage of allowing publishers to regain control over their inventories and the auction process, while retaining control over many parameters.

Why did you set up Prebid ?

Before the introduction of Prebid, very few simple and effective solutions were available for the publishers.

Although initially programmatic advertising was intended to be automated and open to everyone, there was no possibility for real control and only two systems to offer its advertising inventories were usable:

  • Either a closed system and therefore limiting the potential buyers
  • Either a system open to all but pretty difficult to control

However, neither one nor the other made it easy to auction inventories, as impressions could only be offered to one partner at a time. The direct consequence of this fragmented and sequential method, called “Waterfall”, has been the weak creation of competition between buyers, and ultimately the possible lack of optimization.

It is in this context that a first alternative, called Header Bidding, was implemented to correct some dysfunctions and improve their control.

Indeed, with Header Bidding technology, all partners can bid simultaneously on many Ad Exchanges via programmatic, which this time creates more competition between buyers and therefore improves the publishers’ monetization.

Nevertheless, the early days of header bidding were dominated by questionable practices, closed proprietary technologies, standards now considered mediocre, and little or no cooperation between competing companies.

This created disappointments for both publishers and advertisers.

This lack of standardization and uniformity therefore made it a complex and unintuitive process for publishers, who had to constantly keep abreast of the best offers from different companies.

This is why it was relevant to set up a new initiative, this time open source and making header bidding easier for all players.

It was with this momentum that Prebid was launched in 2015 by Rubicon and Appnexus.

How does Prebid work ?

Prebid is a simple and open technology layer on which companies can add their code to an optimized standard base.

Advertisers and publishers have then equal access to the auctions available for each inventory, which optimizes them and leads to better monetization and better distribution of ads.

Prebid.js, executed in the client workstation, and Prebid server, executed in server-side, facilitated the implementation of header bidding and offered the largest repository of functional adapters.

It is therefore because this technology facilitates exchanges and the various actions taken by players in the digital ecosystem that it is now imposed as a real standard, open to the entire market.

Prebid.js is the header bidding initiative most widely used on the web and more and more players are still joining it.

Today, 88% of publishers do header bidding and 100% of them use Prebid technology.

This unanimity attests that Prebid is, to date, THE solution for monetizing inventories in RTB.

Therefore, it was natural for Sirdata to deploy its technologies in Prebid by creating a Real Time Data module that enables user data to be injected as well as contextual data automatically and in real time into the advertising devices of the publisher's site.

This significant contribution to the code of Prebid.js allowed Sirdata to join the membership Community of Prebid.

Addressability leader and at the forefront of innovation, Sirdata offers, via Prebid, a unique and exclusive behavioral targeting offer without cookies or consent, complementary to its targeting with cookies.

In these times marked by many changes related to the strengthening of the regulatory framework and the future disappearance of third-party cookies, this unified and revolutionary technology, coupling user data cookieless and contextual data according to the choices of Internet users, makes it possible for anyone to optimize advertising targeting .

In other words, whatever the technology encountered, with or without a cookie, and according to the regulatory framework in force, with or without consent, Sirdata allows publishers to optimize their monetization as much as possible by offering targeting of all their inventories to advertisers.

How do I get it ?

This solution is available to publishers in one click: they just need to check a box in their prebid configuration to integrate it on their site, thus making their entire inventory eligible for Sirdata targeting.

For the advertiser, it is just about to put a tag which will arbitrate in real time the standard distribution channels with cookies and cookieless.

In both cases, the partner must have a TCF V2 certified CMP, which Sirdata can also provide.


To sum up, access to the Sirdata Prebid Real Time Data module only provides editors with benefits:

  • optimization of inventories by enabling all types of targeting
  • ease of installation
  • respect of internet users' choices
  • guaranteed monetization at the best price

Find within mind Media, the point of view of Julien TRANI, CEO and co-founder of Sirdata (in French) :

“L’avenir de la publicité sans cookie tiers dépend de Prebid” - mind Media
Julien Trani, directeur général et cofondateur de Sirdata, société française qui commercialise des audiences via des dispositifs avec et sans cookies,