“Translation from original content published by Ratecard team in april 2019”

On the french TV set “Pragmatic by Ratecard” – Sirdata’s Founder makes the point on Sirdata’s business development, semantic and scoring technology, and on new services towards agencies, medias, brands.

Respect user’s interest and desire is a real concern, the digital advertising actors realize that today more than ever there is an increasing demand for more relevant communications by improving targeting methodologies.
Today, customization stays a prerequisite, however targeting basics are evolving from a user-centric approach to a content-centric targeting approach.
A subject mastered by Sirdata’s founder, Benoît Oberlé.

Sirdata being a French company expert in customer knowledge.

Since 2012, Sirdata has scored – statistically and semantically web pages visited by users – in strict regulation respect – in order to detect users buying intentions and to create audience segments that allows brands to enhance their prospect or customer knowledge. The objective is to address their messages in a more relevant way. At the same time, the company helps publishers to structure weak signals, monetize their website traffic.

Benoît Oberlé explains how the technology works, as well as the company’s evolutions and ambitions that is conquering new markets in this video :