At the start of 2024, the entire Sirdata team is proud to reveal the new design of its consent management solution (CMP - Consent Management Platform).

This new design focuses on a complete graphic overhaul accompanied by new options, thus offering an improved user experience, while preserving the solid pillars of compliance, performance and ease of implementation!

Before / After :

Why a new design?

  • Improve the user experience on customers' sites
  • Follow market developments
  • Continuous evolution of the solution
  • …

1/ What are the changes to the CMP Sirdata?

  • A more modern design: for a CMP which evolves with its time!
  • Adding Userfriendly and customizable visuals: in addition to the main image (or logo), you can now integrate a dressing and/or a watermark:
  • More personalization options: Choice of fonts, new design of the CMP re -ledder buttons, …

2/ What are the changes to the customer interface?

If you are already a customer Sirdata CMP, and you want to pass your current CMP on the new design, nothing easier, we have thought of everything to simplify your task:

Important: the change of design does not impact the previous choices of your Internet users who are obviously preserved!

Top in a few minutes thanks to the β€œCMP V3 configuration module”: follow the guide πŸ™‚

  • Unchanged settings: your logo, your colors, the choice of refusal mechanics or the list of partners are kept!
  • Script / IDS unchanged: You will not have to touch the script in your source code or in your GTM, the update is automatic!
  • Once satisfied, you just have to:
  • If you want to test the new design before changing definitively, no problem, choose the β€œDuplicate your configuration” CMP option in step 6 of the configuration process:

Connect yourself and come and discover this new design in your Sirdata CMP account!

Find all the useful information in our technical documentation.

If you are not yet an Sirdata CMP customer, don't wait πŸ™‚!

Testimony of Caroline CALDUCH, Digital Communication and Marketing Manager at Tutti Pizza

    β€œThe developments offered by Sirdata have been very well thought out! The platform to configure is intuitive and practical to use. The design is great for an improved user experience. "

Quote from Antoine FOURES, in charge of the CMP offer

    β€œThis update is the fruit of collective work aimed at enhanced our solution while preserving its compliance, its performance and its simplicity of implementation. We have listened to our customers' expectations and sincerely believe that this overhaul will improve the experience offered to visitors to their sites. "

Find all these new features now on Sirdata CMP:

Consent Management Platform (CMP)
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