At Sirdata, we are TCF V2.1 compliant!

From January 31st 2021, a new functionality must be implemented for each CMP (technological platform dedicated to the collection and storage of choices made by Internet users regarding the management of their personal data) operating within the TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework).
Named Device Storage Duration & Access Disclosure, it has given rise to what is called TCF V2.1.

Nevertheless, this evolution is not as impactful as the one caused by TCF V2.0 which transformed the functioning of a large part of the digital ecosystem.

As a reminder, TCF V2.0, finalized by the IAB Europe in February 2020, brought many changes including the way CMPs present information and collect user consents.
It was finally on September 30th, 2020 that TCF version 1 gave way to version 2.

This standard of technology was created to help publishers, advertisers and consent management technology providers, comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive by facilitating the transmission of information between players.

To date, the majority of adtech and martech market players are using TCF V2.0.
However, still only a few areapplying the latest evolutions required within the CMPs, that means TCF V2.1.  

What are the changes brought by this new version?

Changes were specifically required after the Planet49 case.
The goal is to provide more transparency, especially for Internet users.

After the decision of the court of Justice, the IAB remodeled the organization of the Transparency & Consent Framework to support the points raised by the CJEU (Court of Justice of the European Union).
In particular, related to the mention : "clear and complete information must enable the user to determine easily the consequences of the consent he might give and guarantee that this consent is given with full knowledge of the facts".

Therefore, this new mode applied to CMPs consists in providing Internet users with details on the storage methods used (in particular cookies) by the various players.
For example, starting from now, each partner has to indicate whether it uses cookies and their maximum retention period. This information will be available and visible by accessing the partner details displayed in the CMP.

Partners can also provide more information about their technologies, such as the different types of storage used, the maximum retention periods for cookies, the domains and the activities involved.

As a consequence, considering the multiplication of standards around the protection of personal data of Internet users and transparency in the operation of companies working in the digital world, it seems necessary to comply expressly with this new version.

“In an increasingly regulated world, CMPs must constantly evolve to support the various players and provide more transparency and control to users regarding the use of their personal data.”
Thomas Lay, Product Engineer at Sirdata

At Sirdata, we quickly integrated this functionality into our CMP as it has been available since the end of 2020.
At the same time, we go on with participating actively  in discussions with the IAB Tech Lab and IAB Europe in order to give users as much transparency as possible regarding these new modes.

These discussions ( led by working groups  in the IAB Tech Lab and IAB Europe) also aim to find solutions on a global scale to facilitate the compliance of the various market players with all the regulations in force.

Giving more fluidity in the transmission of information within the adtech and martech sectors is also a key point in these discussions and is therefore continuously addressed.
Finally, we can observe that, today, many countries are inspired by the GDPR in order to reinforce the respect of users' privacy (CCPA in California, LGPD in Brazil, APPI in Japan etc.).

This is why it seems relevant to set up a universal standard such as TCF, to simplify the organization of the digital world and to meet the requirements of the various regulations in force.
This revolutionary project is already underway.

Find out more about our consent management solutions here (FR):

Consent Management Platform (CMP), gestion des consentements des internautes
Consent Management Platform, gestion des consentements des internautes, compatible IAB TCF 2.1. Gérez des consentements valides avec la preuve du consentement - Sirdata