Conference organized by AdPremier and presented by Jean-Charles Normant, Founder & CEO of AdPremier, with Benoît Oberlé, CEO of Sirdata and Vice-President of the Steering Group of IAB Europe.

Most of the digital activities require the use of a non-functional and non-exempt cookie: that means, subject to an informed, freely given, specific and unambiguous consent which involves  CMP challenges (Consent Management Platform).

During this conference, several topics were discussed, such as the compliancy, the transparency towards users and above all the real respect of the Internet user's choices when triggering tags.

In addition to compliance and respect of  the recommendations of the French DPA “the CNIL”, the participants will make a review of the way to  optimize audience analysis and advertising activities.

Through the webinar, we can also see some tips for optimizing the configuration of your CMP, avoiding over-soliciting users, as well as activating Google Consent Mode to accessing  "Analytics" statistics despite a lack of consent.

Watch the replay (in French) :