The Tech Stack survey is realized by Sciences Po since 2022, offering an annual perspective. It explores the tools used by press publishers in France, with the participation of professionals such as CTOs, editorial bosses, product managers, etc. These players manage a diversity of tools, whether internal or external, including licenses, developments, plugins, customizations and updates. The Tech Stack aims to consolidate practices while ensuring the confidentiality of respondents' solutions.

The Tech Stack 2023 study uses an online questionnaire open to editors and technical, marketing, and editorial managers. Responses were filtered to focus on media sites' Tech Stacks. Users rated each tool from 1 to 10, rating quality and willingness to replace it. These scores were combined to assess overall satisfaction, highlighting variations between media.

Thus, Sirdata emerged from this satisfaction survey with a rating of 8/10 from the press publishers. 🎉

This evaluation demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of Sirdata's Tech Stack, thus highlighting user satisfaction with the company's solutions in the field of tools used by press publishers in France.

This progression compared to the previous year confirms the expertise of our teams and their dedication to our clients, aiming for increased efficiency in the face of publishers' current and future challenges!

Do not hesitate to contact our teams (Antoine FOURES, Jean Bernard, Benoit OBERLÉ and Julien TRANI), to support you in 2024!

Find the entire survey here (only in french) :  Enquête - Révélation de la Tech Stack des éditeurs 2023 | Sciences Po Executive Education